Expediting Continuous Screening and Delivery By way of LeanFT


HP LeanFT has been particularly produced for application builders and testers. It is a new automated testing option that makes sure continual testing and continual delivery of an application. It can be very easily built-in into current enhancement frameworks. It consequently allows in immediate enhancement, testing and deliver secure and better high-quality programs. The take a look at scripts can be created in C# and Java.

In the current day market place, it is important for corporations to move ahead with speed and agility. It requires to capitalize on the options for offering new options and small business units. This has introduced the Agile Methodology into practice which implements the theory of continual testing and continual delivery around the standard sequential delivery process. This shifts the testing process extra to the left by employing testing early into the enhancement cycle.

HP LeanFT implements the thought of change left by using the important characteristics of the Agile enhancement methodology. It integrates seamlessly into the current environments and frameworks which support the take a look at driven and behavior driven enhancement. It is a strong and light-fat take a look at automation instrument. Examination scripts here can be created in C# or Java.

Positive aspects of HP LeanFT:

More rapidly Delivery:

The thorough established of equipment delivered by HP LeanFT accelerates the design and routine maintenance of the assessments. The Item Identification Centre in it mechanically generates the codes and abstraction products for the application underneath assessments.


HP Lean FT improves the collaboration between the builders and automation engineers by providing project templates for the standard unit testing frameworks. This minimizes the application testing time and allows in the early identification of the flaws in the enhancement cycle.

Diminished costs:

HP Lean FT totally integrates with the current IDEs and also delivers the linked plugins. With take a look at authoring ability using C# and Java, builders can use the very same resources and the very same enhancement environment.


The Application Defender of HP quickly discovers the vulnerabilities and the inconsistencies of the application during the enhancement and the take a look at phases. Listed here variations to be created are significantly less expensive. The HP Application Defender features continual, true-time testing.

Expert Skills:

HP LeanFT is supported by HP Organization Services. This allows to deliver superior high-quality, important programs quicker on Agile and DevOps Ecosystem. This expands the abilities of HPES to determine and do away with the flaws in the enhancement cycle even further accelerating the time to market place of the application.

HP LeanFT is also built-in with Application Lifecycle Management, Cell Centre and High quality Centre. It minimizes the costs of routine maintenance, share take a look at resources and deliver Cell Applications.

The functionalities of UFT (Unified Purposeful Screening) are blended with the important capabilities of Selenium to type Lean FT consequently providing the customers with the best choices from both the equipment.

DevTesters, Issue Make any difference Professionals and the Examination Automation Engineers are the a few main qualified customers of LeanFT. It is simpler to use LeanFT with an current know-how of UFT. The migration of UFT scripts to LeanFT can be achieved by way of tested migration equipment. Utilizing migration equipment make the undertaking simpler and quicker as they arrive with library data files which are predefined for mapping the programming artifacts of UFT into the corresponding techniques of LeanFT.


Having said that, LeanFT has its share of drawbacks. LeanFT does not deliver for Web Support Screening. Record and Playback characteristic is also not readily available. Even more, it does not deliver integration of Organization Approach Screening. The process of testing becomes quite crucial for a fast application delivery. HP LeanFT allows to balance these twin parameters of speed and high-quality, leveraging the tested skills in enhancement and testing.

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